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Sky Highlights and NEKAAL Events for NOVEMBER 2016

  • November 8 – First Quarter
  • November 14 – Full Moon
  • November 21 – Last Quarter
  • November 17 – General Meeting, Mater Dei Catholic School, 7 pm. Join us!
  • November 19 – Open House at Farpoint Observatory, 7:30 pm to ? Join us!
  • November 29 – New Moon

PLANETS in November 2016

Evening Sky:

  • Mercury – in southwest * Venus – in southwest * Mars – in south * Saturn – in southwest * Uranus – in east * Neptune – in southeast Midnight: * Uranus – in southwest * Neptune – in west Morning Sky: * Jupiter – in southeast ===== CONSTELLATIONS well placed in evening during November 2016 ===== North to South, at 8-10 pm: * Ursa Minor, the Little Bear, also the Little Dipper * Cepheus, the King of Ethiopia * Cassiopeia, the wife of King Cepheus * Draco, the Dragon * Lacerta, the Lizard * Cygnus, the Swan * Sagitta, the Arrow * Pegasus, the Winged Horse * Delphinus, the Dolphin * Aquarius, the Water Bearer * Capricornus**, the Sea-Goat

SKY EXTRAS in November 2016

  • Still LOTS of evening planets in November! Check out the planet list above. Uranus is easily visible in binoculars, even visible naked-eye with deep dark-vision adaptation, from very dark skies. Jupiter's back with us, but you'll have to see it in the morning now, low in the eastern twilight.
  • Best evening comet should still be C/2016 A8 (LINEAR), fairly high in the southern sky and large but fading slowly, so you'll need a scope of at least 8“ aperture, an eyepiece giving low magnification…and patience.
  • The Leonids meteor shower peaks November 17, but a nearly full moon once again washes out the show.
  • And speaking of bright moons–the November 14 full moon is only 2.5 hours after the closest perigee (approach to earth), so this will be the largest full moon of 2016.