Farpoint Observatory

Farpoint Observatory is located under dark skies on land leased from the Mission Valley School District (12965 Mission Valley Road, Eskridge). Located in Wabaunsee County, Kansas, it’s about 30 miles southwest of Topeka. Completed in 1996, Farpoint was funded, designed, built and is maintained solely by NEKAAL members. There are no salaries or any other compensation paid to its officers or members. Insurance, maintenance and utilities are paid by contributions to the observatory.


Through the work of the FAST (Farpoint Astertoid Search Team), Farpoint Observatory is internationally known as the site of the discovery of over 600 asteroids and one of the faintest comets discovered by an amateur.

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Driving Directions to Reach Farpoint

Note: There is currently construction on mission valley road see Detour Instructions

Driving just west of Topeka on Interstate 70, watch for the Auburn Road exit. Go south on Auburn to the town of Auburn. In Auburn, turn west on Eighth Street. Continue west about eight miles. The road will curve south. About one mile after the curve, you'll see a road leading west, with a sign saying that this is the road to Mission Valley High School and NEKAAL's Farpoint Observatory.

About 1.5 miles later, you'll be at Mission Valley School. On the west side of the school grounds, next to a large stone “Farpoint Observatory” sign, is a gravel road (Bodark). This runs north, past the football field, to the observatory.

Farpoint Observatory phone number : 785-203-8077


Farpoint Observatory
12965 Mission Valley Road
Eskridge, KS 66423

GPS: 38°53'24.8"N+96°00'08.7"W

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