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Sky Highlights and NEKAAL Events for DECEMBER 2015

  • No NEKAAL Events for December–happy holidays!
  • December 3 – Last Quarter (moon absent from evening sky)
  • December 11 – New Moon
  • December 18 – First Quarter
  • December 25 – Full Moon
  • January 28, 2016 – First General Meeting of the New Year, Topeka Library, 7 pm.

PLANETS in December 2015

Evening Sky:

  • Mercury – low in southwest
  • Uranus – in southeast
  • Neptune – in south


  • Jupiter – in east
  • Uranus – in west

Morning Sky:

  • Saturn – in southeast
  • Venus – in southeast
  • Mars – in southeast
  • Jupiter – in south

CONSTELLATIONS well placed in evening during December 2015

North to South, at 7-9 pm:

  • Ursa Minor, the Little Bear, also the Little Dipper
  • Cepheus, the King of Ethiopia
  • Cassiopeia, the Queen of Ethiopia
  • Lacerta, the Lizard
  • Andromeda, daughter of Cepheus and Cassiopeia
  • Pegasus, the winged horse
  • Aries, the ram
  • Pisces, the fishes (who had been Aphrodite and Eros)
  • Cetus, the sea monster

SKY EXTRAS in December 2015

  • Venus puts on a show in December's pre-dawn hours, in the southeast sky, spending some time near bright star Spica. Look a little higher for orange-red Mars, and higher still for bright yellow-white Jupiter.
  • Mercury's back in the evening sky, late in December. Look above the southwestern horizon just after sunset. Binoculars help–by the end of the month it may well be visible naked-eye on very clear evenings.
  • The Geminid meteor shower will be moonless this year, peaking early morning December 14. Look at 1-3 am, in a wide region almost directly overhead.
  • Comet Catalina C/2013 US10 will be visible in binoculars all month, rising through the eastern sky during December. Look in Virgo, moving into Bootes by month end.