2017 Total Solar Eclipse

Please be safe if you are planning to viewing the eclipse.

Where to see the total eclipse

Most of the country and most of Kansas is not in totality. To see the total eclipse you must be at the correct location, at the correct time. The closer to the center line the longer totality will last.

Because of the incredible demand, NEKAAL can not accommodate everyone. Below are some public parks in totality as well as maps. Expect traffic, expect crowds, get there early, check the weather.

NameDriving time from TopekaTotality Duration
Brown Fishing Lake(video tour) 1 hr 18min 2m38s
Nemaha County State Park (bathroom on east side?) 1 hr 8 min 1m57s
Atchison State Fishing Lake and wildlife area 1hr 13min 2m25s
Weston Bend State Park 1 hr 13min 2m1s
Kirkman's Cove Recreation Area 1 hr 31min 2m36s
Rockford Lake 2 hrs 24min 2m35s
Rock Creek Station 2 hrs 25 min 2m1s
Alexandria State Recreation Area 2hrs 50min 2m9s
Sherman Reservoir NE 5hr 22min 2m7s