Welcome to NEKAAL (Northeast Kansas Amateur Astronomers’ League Inc.)

Welcome to NEKAAL, to find out more about NEKAAL see who we are or schedule to attend one of our general meetings or open houses.


  • Alternate Route to Farpoint
    89th street will be closed for several weeks. To reach Farpoint, most routes lead through the town of Dover. There are several ways to get to Dover: 1. Use I-70 West and follow the K-4 detour signs, which take you to Valencia Rd (exit 350), then back to K-4. Stay on K-4 until Dover shows [...]
  • GRB in M31 May 27th
    May 27th, 21:24:27 UT NASA’s Swift spacecraft detected a new bright x-ray source. Thought to be an GRB (GAMMA RAY BURSTER) The object was associated with M31 (Andromeda Galaxy). I took an image as soon as it was available to us (albeit nearly 10 hours after the signal was received). M31 was very low at [...]
  • A new meteor shower?
    Meteor experts predict that debris from Comet 209P/LINEAR may create a strong meteor shower the night of May 23-24. Named the Cameoparalids after the constellation where the meteors will appear to originate, it will be best viewed from North America, but may be visible worldwide. The meteors are caused by debris left by the comet [...]

Northeast Kansas Amateur Astronomers’ League Inc. (NEKAAL)

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